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Spying on the competition...

Just 5 more days until we open The Little Lock Shop.

Our basic stock is starting to arrive and we are putting up our point of sales displays stands.

The key display boards are starting to look full with what we believe will be the widest selection of key blanks in Letchworth.

Today I sent a mystery shopper into the town centre to compare our competitors prices and services, I gave him a standard and common 5 pin cylinder key, a common 6 pin cylinder key and a common Era mortice key.

The first shop had no staff trained to cut keys and my shopper was asked to wait for 15 mins for someone to be called into the shop to cut the keys. Not great service and my shopper left without having the keys cut.

The second a big chain known for key cutting and shoe repairs quoted £19.50 to cut the 3 keys but the operative didn't sound like he could be bothered and said he didn't have the blanks for the 6 pin ( if they don't stock this key then they must turn down a lot of key business ) Needless to say the keys were not cut.

The Third shop, an independent shop cut all 3 keys with no problems had a good service and prices that match our proposed prices, Although their main speciality is shoe repairs ours is Locks and keys.

We open at 9am this Saturday and hope you can pop in and say hello.

Peter and Jane

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